Extrusion crosshead for foam skin polyethylene insulation

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    foam skin polyethylene insulation


    • Concentricity:±5μ(0.0002")
    • Marking area:High definition laser marking area
    • ODM:Acceptable
    • OEM:Acceptable

    Key Features


    Place of Origin:Taiwan                                                   

    Brand Name:SPiDER

    Model Number:U20IS

    Shaping Mode:Extrusion Mould

    Product Material:Mold steel

    Product:wire extrusion head

    Application:used for extrusion Small solid and stranded wires

    Extruder size:25-150mm

    Max. diameter of conductor: ø18mm

    Max.diameter of insulation:ø45mm

    Matched spiral diameter: ø25-150mm

    Design  :Single Layer (IS=dual layer)

    Features: self-centering (T、X、MA=manual-centering )

          (Heating options mainly based on order specifications )

    (SPI=application extrusion environment protection material )

    (Teflon=Corrosion resistance, high temperature production )

    Extrusion of polymer Type:OHLS

    Striping:no Striping Options for Available

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    SPIDER EXTRUSION mould production production medical tube Material: High transparency Medical use FDA silicone
    SPIDER EXTRUSION mould production medical tube  Color: High Transparency
    SPIDER EXTRUSION mould production medical tube characteristic:Aging resistance, Chemical resistance.


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    SPIDER EXTRUSION Application industry :Building、Control Cables

    Today technology drives the world massively affecting also the home appliance sector, which is more and more innovative and user-friendly. No matter the residential and commercial use, reliability and high performance are vital and can be ensured only with a high quality manufacturing process and accountable suppliers.

    Internal wiring of household appliances and their own power supply must be manufactured in accordance to international and national standards and norms. Moreover they need to:

    • Perform at extreme temperatures conditions
    • Withstand artificial ageing
    • Withstand to lubricants, environmental influences and chemical agents
    • Withstand to abrasion, stretching and tearing
    • Flexibility (resist to many torsions)
    • Be flame retardant
    • Be odour free
    • Refrigeration harnesses

    Our deep understanding, together with our solid expertise in the business, enable us to provide optimized, value for money cable manufacturing solutions. Moreover, our commitment to continuous further development in the wire and cable area, together with our philosophy to produce solutions with utmost quality at fair competitive prices, make us a partner you can rely on. SPiDER can support you from the drawing (single wire & multi-wire) to the extrusion (insulation & sheathing), passing through the wire assembling (bunching).




    Packaging Details : Standard carton

    Delivery Time : 30days (Agreement)


    Product Certification

    Payment Details

    • Minimum Order:1 Piece(s)