extrusion crosshead of production wire cable

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    production wire cable


    • ODM:Acceptable
    • OEM:Acceptable
    • Marking area:High definition laser marking area
    • Concentricity:±5μ(0.0002")
    • Brand Name:SPiDER Extrusion

    Key Features

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    Fiber optic cables are used for large-scale and high-speed data transmissions, such as high-speed networks and high-value TVs.
    The main structure of this cable is glass fiber.
    Our products are produced in accordance with customer demand.
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    SPiDER Extrusion Products for Wire and Cable、cable wire
    SPiDER Extrusion Products for Wire and Cable、cable wire
    Tooling Cable APPLICATION : Wire and Cable (Battery Cables)
    SPiDER Extrusion Products for Wire and Cable、cable wire
    Optic fiber Producing Cable
    Battery cables market, especially in the automotive application, is facing a big change in row material moving from a copper to aluminium. Today, aluminium represents a better option inasmuch as its price is stable and reduces the weight of the electrical distribution system and harnesses. Although, aluminium wire is less fault-tolerant than copper wire; today aluminium battery cables are manufactured for the mass production, too.
    Automotive battery cables must be resistant to heat, acid and oil and are mainly divided in:
    ●Ground Battery Cable
    ●The main characteristics of these cables are:
    ●Good abrasion and cut resistance


    Place of Origin:Taiwan                                                   

    Brand Name: SPiDER Extrusion

    Shaping Mode:Extrusion Mould

    Product Material:Mold steel

    Product:wire extrusion head

    Application:used for extrusion Small solid and stranded wires

    Extruder size:25-150mm

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