LOSH cable extrusion crosshead

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    LOSH cable


    • Brand Name:SPiDER Extrusion
    • Concentricity:±5μ(0.0002")
    • Marking area:High definition laser marking area
    • ODM:Acceptable
    • OEM:Acceptable

    Key Features

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    SPIDER EXTRUSION mould production production medical tube Material: High transparency Medical use FDA silicone
    SPIDER EXTRUSION mould production medical tube  Color: High Transparency
    SPIDER EXTRUSION mould production medical tube characteristic:Aging resistance, Chemical resistance.


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    Place of Origin:Taiwan                                                   

    Brand Name : SPiDER Extrusion

    Model Number:U7-CPCS

    Shaping Mode:Extrusion Mould

    Product Material:Mold steel

    Product:wire extrusion head

    Application:used for extrusion Small solid and stranded wires

    Extruder size:25-150mm


    Max. diameter of conductor: ø  4 mm  

    Max.diameter of insulation: ø 6 mm  

    Matched spiral diameter: ø25-150mm


    Design  :Single Layer (IS=dual layer)

    Features: self-centering (T、X、MA=manual-centering )

          (Heating options mainly based on order specifications )

    (SPI=application extrusion environment protection material )

    (Teflon=Corrosion resistance, high temperature production )

    Extrusion of polymer Type:PVE / PE / PP

    Striping:striping options for available



    SPIDER EXTRUSION Application industry : BuildingCommunicationControl CableMiningOil & Gas

    Ship / Marine Cable

    The broadcast, professional, and commercial AV industry’s has increased the demand for reliable and high-quality HD video and audio transmission. In this scenario, high-quality video and audio cable are essential to win the tight competition of the market.

    Quality is vital also in audio cable; bad quality affects the power distribution, imagining and response of audio signal. Cancelling out electromagnetic noise from sources has become vital also for these cable, which should have high screening attenuation and low transfer impedance.

    SPiDER Extrusion,a company specialized in extrusion tooling manufacturing, was established in 1988.
    During these years, SPiDER Extrusion has developed thousands of tips and dies from simple single conductor to vcomplex multi-conductors, multi-layer, multi-stripe and special shape constructions.
    This experience, along with our emphasis on customer service, makes SPiDER the best source for all your extrusion tooling.

    SPiDER Extrusion can also supply replacement tools for most OEM extrusion crossheads.



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    Packaging & Delivery


    Packaging Details : Standard carton

    Delivery Time : 30days (Agreement)

    Product Certification